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Who is chalk + dot? We’re two girls who went to architecture school, moved to the bay area, and now enjoy looking for modern finds for the modern family in our spare time.  Our first post explains how we got started.

Want to know us a little better? Here are the answers you have always wanted to know.

Favorite City:
Brieanne: Paris
Erica: I knew you’d say that! Hard to pick . . . I would have to say Jackson Hole for a place I would love to live and Santiago, Chile for a place that opened my eyes to the world when I was 13.

Favorite Color?
B: Hmmm . . . Really depends, but usually I say red
E: I would have to say navy blue and grey.
B: I really, really, really love grey.

What’s playing on your iPod?
B: A bunch of audio books, the national, okkervil river and bright eyes
E: Truthfully, “Mountain Rain” from natural white noise for babies by help your baby sleep through the night, on repeat . . . All night long. But I know what you’re getting at, I love the song “Everything is Magic” by Angels & Airwaves, always puts me in a happy place.

Favorite childhood toy?
B: Anything super girly…Barbies, my little ponies, Sylvanian families, and Legos.
E: I loved anything with blocks — the cardboard “bricks” where my favorite. I remember getting in trouble at a sleepover because I stayed up all night building a fort with them. And, of course, Barbies, my two younger sisters and I would take over the house. I was disappointed in Mattel for not including bathrooms and stairs in their “Dream Home” designs. So I would build my own Barbie houses using cloth napkins as the rooms and built furniture out of my dad’s wood scraps. Maybe that’s why I went to architecture school?
B: Ha!  We used to turn our landing at the top of the stairs into “Barbieland” and make furniture out of books and sew clothes and bedding for Barbie.  I always wanted my Barbie to be having babies and my sister got really annoyed with it.

Favorite childhood game?
E: I loved hopscotch and 4-square . . . hence the chalk in chalk + dot. Actually I liked drawing the hopscotch more than playing it, I would make some crazy long courses.
B: Outdoors: I loved hopscotch and tetherball. Indoors: I loved “The Game of Life”.
E: I also loved the “The Game of Life”! I forgot about that game. I need to get that.

Must have accessory?
E: I like a funky or distinctive necklace. I wish I could wear scarves, I feel like I get annoyed with them and they end up in my purse.
B: I’m horrible at accessorizing. I wear a few simple jewelry pieces every day but I do love scarves to jazz up an outfit.

Secret (or not so secret) obsession?
B: Paris. Also, I love infants more than most people realize.
E: NFL football. I could probably name every team and which division they are in.
B: I’m that way about baseball–I don’t know division but I can tell you every team and where they’re from. I also have a serious addiction to Cadbury Mini Eggs, as my husband just reminded me.

Best vacation you ever went on?
B: Oooh, tough one. I really can’t choose one! I’ve been really fortunate to go on some really great vacations over the years with my family and husband
E: I have had a lot of great trips but one from early on will always be my favorite. When I was seven, my family when on a two-week motor-home trip throughout the west. I loved life on the road and waking up in a new state with a completely different landscape.

Worst childhood decision?
E: Mine was to wallpaper my room pink and white stripes . . . it was a very tall but small room, the stripes did not make it seem any larger. It was like Barbie’s jail cell. Paint would have been easily changed . . . but wallpaper is a hassle and it stayed up for probably close to 10 years. I think I was in high school and still had that wallpaper.
B: I don’t know if this is really a “worst decision,” but in 6th grade I bugged a good friend until he told me who he had a crush on–it turned out it was me. He wrote a super sweet letter on American flag stationery and I was so shocked that I immediately threw it away.  At school.  A certain girl (I still remember her name) dug it out of the trash and then told everyone.  I still feel awful to this day.  It’s more my most embarrassing/mortifying childhood moment, but it was a decision to throw it away, right?

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