Jackson speaks

Being around a child that is learning to talk is about the best thing ever.  I am truly amazed and humbled at how they take to language.  One day they can only say a 100 or so words and some simple two word phrases and then one day, Saturday for us, they just start talking.  Jackson will say something, a full sentence, declaration, or demand, and we look at each other with, ‘Oh, shit, he can talk now,’ expressions on our faces.  Fortunately it is just an expression because if we actually said that, he would too — and we really don’t want to be those parents whose 2 year old swears at pre school.

I paint it

(I paint it!  The next morning he was telling us ‘I painted that!’, and every day after he has reminded me that he painted that wall and daddy painted the other wall.)

Now he’s not speaking shakespeare or anything but he has started to differentiate between what is a ‘this’ and what is a ‘that’ and what is an ‘it’.  When he learns a new word he will repeat it a few times then want to hear it in context again.  Not sure when his baby words will fade away, he still loves to watch his ‘real toot toots’ on the iPad, which is simply steam engine videos on you tube and will fascinate him for long periods of time.  You have to be watching him though because YouTube will offer some really strange suggestions as he works his way through the suggested videos.  Really weird stuff out there.  Really weird.

Also enter the phrase: ‘I wanna [insert anything that I probably don’t want him to have/do, cookie, cake, drive the car]!’ followed by, ‘Peease! Mommy!’

This phrase is driving me crazy, now with his new found communication abilities he can let me know exactly what he does and doesn’t want to do.  There have already been some time outs, and more in the foreseeable future.  He is stubborn so far and it really takes some dedication to win a battle with him.  But if I don’t stay strong he will use my past history against me.  It’s like he’s a judge and if there has already been a precedent ruling to determine a case then it should stand true at all times.  And if he gets to watch tv, or have a cookie, or anything really then it should always be that way.  Although this precedent type behavior does not work well with brushing teeth, cutting nails, brushing hair, eating vegetables or other civilized behaviors.

He also has been taught, by us so we have no excuse, a quote from Wedding Crashers, ‘Mom! Meatloaf!’ which is something Will Ferrell’s character says.  Pretty hilarious coming from Will Ferrell or a 2 year old.  I must post video evidence.

He had been sleeping horribly for the few weeks leading up to this explosion of words and has since began sleeping much more soundly at night (and taking a nap right now, thus a bit of time for a post!!) [Literally as I typed that he woke up.] So I better sign off and get that little boy up.

Here’s to better sleep, more conversations and happy days!

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