Do you ever have one of those days?

Do you ever have one of those days where you just don’t want to get up and out of bed, let alone shower, put on clothes and makeup and head out to the world?  Today was that day for me.  But I did have to get out of bed and at least clothe myself enough to go out into the world.

I did take a shower but failed to dry my hair, and possibly didn’t brush it.  I did manage a pony tail and eventually a hat when I realized I should shield my face.  I could only bring myself to some yoga pants, and not lululemon, no these are from Ross or something, not that I don’t like Ross, but they are just not lululemon.  You know what I mean.  I grabbed the first shirt that appeared clean — fortunately it was black and was in fact clean.  Couldn’t find one of my standard zip up athletic looking jackets anywhere (until I cleaned out the back of the car and there were three) so I grabbed a teal sweater wrap thing.  Pulled on my baby blue nikes to complete the look basic amount of clothing I need to be accepted in society.

I also rubbed a small amount of foundation and a swipe of mascara before getting Jackson ready in what turned into a rather cute outfit actually.  Normally he’s the slub who is not coordinated but he was fully coordinated.

So this day where I feel like crap and know I look a little worse than I even feel is the day that I run into people.

First it was at pre-school daycare, a sorority sister who also has her son in the same school.  I haven’t seen Michelle since I was in college, and of course she looked put together and had obviously used a blow dryer.  Crap.  I just need to make it home.  Straight home.

Well.  I really need to deposit some checks and I need to get my coffee ground (long story) so I’ll just hit up the B of A ATM and the Peet’s Coffee in Pleasant Hill.  So off we went.  Bank of America went fine.  It was on our way to the Peet’s coffee that the Jamba Juice smoothies caught Jackson’s eye.  ‘I want that,’ he says. And since he hadn’t really eaten much lunch and I wanted some too we went in to get the kids Strawberry and Banana smoothie.  And while we were waiting a woman from my wednesday yoga class comes in.  Me disheveled and her not disheveled.  She is the woman in class who is glowing and looks like she’s fake pregnant because she doesn’t look like she has really gained a pound besides the adorable bump perfectly popping out.  She’s also probably only a few weeks from her due date and obviously handling herself better than I am.

And then I realized what went wrong with today.  We were out of coffee.  And coffee, even my small cup I allow myself, is as vital as water to my functioning as a mom/human being.

And now as my caffeine headache is kicking in I’m about to brew myself a cup of my freshly ground Peet’s Coffee.

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  1. I love this! You are too funny! You were in my neighborhood too! We live practically in the Crescent Plaza! We will have to do coffee sometime! Coffee is my saving grace as well ;-)

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