A Few of Her Favorite Things

So who else has Julie Andrews’ voice in their head now?  “These are a few of my favorite thiiiiiiings...”  (for those of you raised in a house that didn’t want musicals, that is from “The Sound of Music”). Okay, enough blog karaoke.  I thought I’d do a little round-up of some of Eleanor’s favorite things, which–of course–are not special baby toys at all, but random items she has found around the house.

First up, the yogurt container.  Eleanor loves yogurt, so I buy the big containers instead of the individual servings to save money, plastic, and so I can easily mix her yogurt with fruit purées.  Anyway, she’s deep into the fill-and-dump phase, so putting things in and taking them back out of this container provide endless entertainment.

Next, the cat toys.  All on her own she started putting those jingle balls (there’s a bell in the middle) on those little springs.  Then she shake shake shakes her little jingle ball lollipop contraption and giggles like a school girl (if you follow me on Vine, you can see evidence of this.  I’m brieanne_m).

Lastly, straws.  Why do kids love straws so much?  I love giving them to Eleanor when we are out and about because if she drops one, it’s not a big deal (unlike things like her lovie that I had to walk back and find on the streets of San Francisco).  I usually stash about 5 in my purse before we head out the door just in case.  We love the Ikea straws because they are cheap and colorful (each pack comes with 4 colors, and they have different color packs).  I mean, $1.49 for 200 straws?  Yes, please.

So, what non-toy toys does your little one love?

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