Catching Up


Well well well.  Look at this–a blog post!  From Brieanne!  Can you believe it?  Life has been a whirlwind with a whole lot of nothing in particular, but it has kept me busy.  That whole part time work/full time stay-at-home mom thing finally caught up to me.  This, however, is neither here nor there.  What is important is we are all here and healthy, just needed a bit of a break from blogging (and the computer in general, if we’re honest).

The photos in this post are from a trip to the beach this weekend to enjoy the beautiful weather.  We drove south to Half Moon Bay on Saturday to enjoy the sunshine and load up on some vitamin D with my parents, grandmother, and my sister’s family.



Couldn’t Eleanor and Kieran pass as twins?  They don’t really look alike, but they have the same coloring and are about the same size.

We were cracking up at the difference between Eleanor and my sister’s kids.  The older two couldn’t get enough of playing in the water and the sand, and Kieran was walking/crawling all over the place, rolling in the sand, eating the sand, etc.  Eleanor, on the other hand, spent 90% of her time sitting on the edge of the beach blanket, patting the sand with a shovel in one hand and a bucket in the other.  Occasionally she would be brave enough to touch the sand, but she quickly would recoil her hand and go back to just tapping it with the shovel.  At the end of our time, Claire was able to coax her into playing in the sand a bit more (of course–get all sandy right before it’s time to get in the car) but overall she barely touched the beach.  Such a little proper lady.

BEACH-8Sidenote: how Euro does Conor look in his “Speedo” (swim diaper) and little cap?

Anyway, I just wanted to check in to let you all know we’re alive and well, just been in a little computer hiatus, but I’m hoping to bring that to an end.

In some other news, we are preparing to launch a new website and commerce site (to make it even easier to purchase chalk + dot products!  Yay!) so there are going to be some serious hiccups on the site soon.  Things will be in a bit of a jumble, but then hopefully we’ll have things running smoothly for a new (and hopefully improved) experience.  For now, you can see our new logo, etc. over on our social media sites, so hop on over to Etsy, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to check it out!

How has everyone else out there been???  I feel like I’ve been in a hole…



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