We’re having a . . .



First off I have to thank Caroline at Coeur de La Photography.  We had an absolutely wonderful time taking these photos a few months ago. I would absolutely recommend her for your family photos, wedding photography, engagement photos . . . if you need a photo I would recommend.  She and her husband (can they be any cuter?) were so great with both Jackson (who was his typical almost 2 year old self) and Maddie (who was surprisingly well behaved) and made the whole experience very fun and not stressful at all.  We took the photos at Lake Temescal in Oakland on an early Saturday morning and it was perfect.  I can’t wait for them to take photos once our baby girl arrives!

We have a little over 10 weeks left till she is due!  In some ways I can’t believe it’s that close, and in others I can’t wait to meet her and not be pregnant anymore.  Carrying around a 26 pound toddler and constantly kneeling down to play with him has made this pregnancy more noticeable than last time.  I am very aware of my belly and all the pains associated.  By the end of the day it feels like she could come out at any time.  My doctor tells me to take it easy . . . but that’s easier said than done.  I now know what all those other pregnant women are complaining about.  Heart burn galore, braxton hicks contractions, very loose hips, sciatic pain, trouble sleeping (no insomnia yet, but she kicks all night long), constant bathroom trips.  I don’t know how people do this anymore than 2 or 3 times.

But, we now will have our girl!  So now we can relax and not have all of the, ‘Are you going to go for another to try for a girl,’ conversations.  Even though we originally, well mostly I, wanted two boys, by late october I was referring to her as a girl even though we didn’t find out till December.  And it feels right to be having a little girl.  I’m slowly getting used to the pink clothes that have begun to enter the house.

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