Downloadable mini Valentine’s

Hello, hello!  We are both still alive and well.  I swear.  Just busy with all the things that creep up around the holidays and with work and having a kid.  Our family (this is Erica) moved as of the beginning of the year and there are a ton of projects to do before we can be fully ‘moved in’.  So for now there are still boxes everywhere.  It will be fun to show you all some of the projects we are going to be undertaking.

So, we owe you guys for the lack of posts in the last month.  I created a mini valentine pdf that you can print back and front, or just use one side if you like.  Some valentine stuff can get a little cheesy so I wanted to create something that was modern, bright, and cute.  Hopefully you like it.



Download here:



Feel free to pin these!  ;)  We adore a little pinterest love, and valentine’s day is coming up, so share the love!

I have a running list on my iPhone of several posts I want to get to.  Especially if our little bun in the oven is a boy or girl  . . . if you know don’t say anything!  So tomorrow I will share the news!  Here’s our pregnancy reveal post, and I love Brieanne and Brandon’s reveal.  Can you believe that Eleanor is already 14 months?!  And I have a 2 year old?  Me neither.


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