Baby Showers: Gift Bingo

(Printable gift bingo cards from Etsy)

Baby shower games are always a little up in the air.  Should you do them?  Leave them out?  It’s really based on who is attending.  If it is a close knit group then games could get in the way of conversations.  If it’s a diverse group sometimes a game helps to keep the party going.

The photo above is one of my favorite games, Gift Bingo.  (And available in our Etsy Shop.)  To play gift bingo you start with a grid filled in with possible gifts that the mom-to-be (or parents-to-be at a co-ed shower) might receive.  Leave the middle box blank as a freebie to the players.  As the mom (or couple) opens gifts the guests can check off the appropriate squares and try and get all the gifts in one row, column, or the diagonal filled in.  The winner receives a prize at the end.

I like this game because it makes the often long gift opening time a bit more fun.  Plus it takes some of the pressure off of the mom to entertain as she opens gifts and it can start some debates as to wether that gift really constitutes as stripes or not.

What games do you like to play at showers?  Or, are you strictly no games allowed.

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