{Real Party} A book themed shower

(image from here)

Following up on Brieanne’s book themed shower post a few weeks we have another one to share today.  One of our Etsy customers, Courtney, put on a wonderful book themed bridal shower for her soon to be sister-in-law.  She started with this invite in a navy and green color combo, which I loved working on her with.  She took the book theme to another level.  Complete with a The book club cook book, bookmarks, a fun guess who brought this book game, book page bunting and a delicious assortment of food (dessert!).

Visit her post for all of the photos and links to where she found everything.  And visit her Etsy Shop too, I’m in love with these clothespins.  You know I love clothespins from Jackson’s nursery.

Thanks for sharing Courtney.  You can totally invite us to any of your other parties!  Or just send those little mini chocolate pies.  ;)

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