Does he do what you ask?

A few weeks ago Jackson had his 1 year check-up.  I think it must be pretty standard for the doctor to ask questions about whether or not he’s doing certain things, like, picking up small items with is fingers, babbling, walking, talking, etc.  Jax is, for the most part, on schedule.  (He was saying more words, but since he started walking he stopped talking as much.)

The question that threw me for a loop was the, ‘Does he act on your commands? For example if you say come here, does he do it?’
Me: ‘Uuuummm . . . ‘
Her: ‘ Basically does he seem to understand what you are telling him?’
Me: ‘Well . . . if by doing what I say, you mean the exact opposite of what I say, then yes, yes he does know what I am saying.’
Her: ‘So he’s a bit precocious, is he.’
Me: ‘That makes it sound like a good thing.’

(With this sweet face, I could never do anything wrong!)

He is a good, sweet boy, but I think there will be a day in the near future when this power struggle will not be such a fun game.  Right I basically tell him, ‘no, mommy doesn’t want you to [insert activity], why don’t we go into the other room and [insert good activity].

When did you start discipling your toddler?

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