DeLurking Day

Courntey Bowden (of Bowdenisms and from yesterday’s Real Nursery) says that today is National DeLurking Day!  So, for all of you lurkers out there who haven’t commented this day is for you.  We love all of you and we would love to hear from you!

So please comment below.  You don’t even have to use your real name.  Choose a name you have always wanted or a character or famous person you admire.

Here are some questions for you to get you started:

1. What are your favorite color combinations?  I need some inspiration for some mood boards which we haven’t been doing lately due to the holidays, babies, vacations . . . I guess life.

2. What are your favorite baby names?  I have been talking about baby names a lot lately. My favorites are Henry, Davis, Grey, Hanna, Avery, Rose, and Gretchen.

3. What was your favorite game growing up?  You can find ours on our bio.

So comment away!  Please, pretty please, with sugar on top!

7 Responses to DeLurking Day

  1. I never get tired of Hide and Seek. It was always my favorite growing up, most especially since my brother was afraid of the dark and so it was always easier to find him (in well lit places). I’d love to see a nautical mood board with anchors and lots of red and yellow– great for both sexes!

  2. Well, I’ve commented but here’s another! Favorite name: Isabella. Three girls later & my husband wouldn’t agree. I also loved Lucy. I wanted my oldest to be named Lucy & again, nope. When she came out she had this beautiful black curly hair. My first thought was … she IS a LUCY!! but, she was named Vivienne.

  3. I love gray and green, black with pops of purple, white and yellow, and turquoise with red, lime and white. I would love to see you guys do more DIY projects, either to personalize the nursery or even little activities to do for after baby is born…like now that Jackson is getting a little older.

    Any particular reason you’ve been talking baby names lately??

    As a kid, I was really into hopscotch and jump rope and loved to play tag. Oh and four square. And I adored Chutes and Ladders and the Game of Life!

  4. 1. What are your favorite color combinations? I am using pink & gray for our nursery. I was going to use blue and orange if the doctor hadn’t ruined our plans to be surprised! I also like gray & yellow.

    2. What are your favorite baby names? Some of the names I love (but cannot use, for various reasons) are: Caroline, Elizabeth, Wyatt, and Lincoln.

    3. What was your favorite game growing up? Playing with dolls- is that a game? My favorite board game was Life.

  5. I guess if I started this game, I have to play! :)

    1. I have a million I like, but one that pops into my head is salmon pink and navy. Or chartruese, coral and navy. Or really….anything and navy!

    2. I’m pretty partial to Piper. 😉 I do like the whole “last name as a first name” trend…I just wish I had better last names in my family to use.

    3. Do you remember Mall Madness? Man, did I love that game!

  6. 1. I would love to see a gray, white and navy combo, as well as a red, white and gray combo.

    2. Some of my favorite names are: Miles, Holden, Caleb, Lila, Lily, Amelia and Hadley.

    3. My favorite board game was always Sorry!

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