Really? Did I bring a child into this world?

Sometimes I hear stuff on the radio, tv, or see something in real life (or reality tv, there is a difference) and I think ‘Really? Did I bring a child into this world?’  Not saying I don’t indulge in some of the crap, for example ABC’s the Bachelor/ette and if there’s a picture of Brangelina on the cover I’m buying that trashy magazine.  But sometimes I gotta laugh and think that this world is going to hell in a handbag.

Here are some that come to mind.  Please to add to my list by commenting below.

1.  MTV’s Jersey Shore.  What ever happened to music on MTV?  Remember that?
I can’t watch this show it just makes me sad.  I really hope teenagers are not allowed to watch this crap. (I am starting to sound like my mom — who didn’t let us watch MTV)

2. Jack White & Karen Elson, are throwing a Divorce party.  Congratulations?  Divorce can be a necessary path to take, but I know that for most people it is a difficult time in their lives.

3. Toddlers in Tiaras on TLC.  Why do our little girls have to grow up so fast?  I liked to play dress up but this show makes me sad for these little girls who seem to miss out on their innocence.

4. A diet pill for your fetus.  Cue the birds chirping.  I have no words.

5. I’ll leave this one too you guys . . . What is your, ‘Really? Did I bring a child into this world?’ item for this list?


2 Responses to Really? Did I bring a child into this world?

  1. That is a common question Erica- it comes from a fear of not being able to protect your child. I had my awakening soon after giving birth to you. I left you in your dad’s care while I drove to the grocery store, I will never forget how completely different the world looked to me as I was behind the wheel.
    Understanding that I alone cannot protect my children I leaned on my faith.
    Rejoice over your children. They are a blessing from God. Remember, you are responsible for them in every aspect, not just their physical, and financial needs, but also their emotional and spiritual needs. Teach them faith, by showing them how it’s lived day in and day out. I say a prayer for my children morning and night. Erica, you are an awesome parent, Jackson is blessed to have you for a mother.

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